Tue. Jun 18th, 2019

Marketing Strategies: Flapping Beyond the Struggle to Fly

Good marketing strategies take you out of the water and into the sky. They keep you happily waving your wings in formation toward the goal of success!

When you consider a goose as he takes off to fly, clapping and hitting the water, running along with webbed feet in an attempt to rise to a wild blue yonder, you can see yourself as a business startup. I know this has happened before. I struggled for the longest time to find out how to flap my wings with marketing and bring enough customers buying to move my business outside the center. Then it happened. As magic, customers began to reach my door.

If you are not a bird observer, you may have missed the snow geese flying south every winter in a V formation. But, growing up in the crosshair of hunting geese, I learned to observe the signs of their arrival. What a wonderful time to ride to the lakes! During the day, when goose hunters probably rested from the morning hunt, we set out onto the lakes and watched the geese. Snow geese are mostly white, with magnificent wide wings that catch the air in flight. They fly with a mixture of systematic fluttering and falling forward to push the current.

After thirty years of observation, it is not difficult to connect the dots between the stubbornness of snow geese and feasible marketing strategies. I will share my observations.

1 – Geese Know a Good Market when They See It

Every year, when the snow geese go south for the winter, they return to the lakes and fields of southeast Colorado, where they know that they will find good water and a lot of food for their journey. They lie on early ice cushions, plunge into bedbugs and minnows, and fly to nearby fields to graze on pastures until their stomachs are full. They then rest.

Finding a good marketplace means knowing what you need. Your business needs customers who are hungry for what you have to offer. Once you know that your product or service is profitable, valuable and desirable, the only thing you can do is offer it to the right market of buyers. Taking products to the right buyers and meeting these needs is the key to creating a profit. Marketing strategies include a good buyer market.

2 – Geese Return to the Same Market Year After Year

Geese return year after year. Some brilliant scientists and observers have tagged some of them with small wristlets on their feet and started to track their migration. Upon arrival in the area, they return to the area year after year for the same resource.

Other markets are important for your professional and business success. Once you have found the right market, it is important that you return year after year to make sure that the market will remain yours. Find a way to contact customers as they may not remember your name. Call them. Return and offer new products or services. Make sure they know that you are still available to serve them. Marketing strategies include repeat buyers.

3 – Geese Never Leave the Stray Behind

When you observe the departure of geese, you will notice that some of the younger, stronger geese are always lagging behind to make sure that the whole herd is on the fly before they take off. They turn round and round. Their V-shaped formation begins when they rise and encircle the area until all the geese are on the fly. They then start in the direction of their chosen path.

In business, you can reach and connect. You set up a network to bring your entire market share through invite referrals, talk to people, and share what you have. Invite them to visit your website. Ask them to try your products.

Offer your services to everyone in your market, because if you don’t support them, they won’t take the opportunity. Make sure you don’t leave the stray ones behind. The best marketing strategy is to keep track of the buyers’ markets.

4 – Geese Lead the Herd Alternately.

The V formation of flying geese allows them to naturally rotate lead birds. Flying is hard work and I remember that their flight is a combination of systematic flapping. This lead bird clears the path for the flock. When tired, someone else approaches and takes the lead.

When you observe a larger flock of geese, sometimes you see three or four V formations in the same flock. This is because there are leaders at different levels. The larger the herd, the more V-Leaders you will see.

As a professional marketer, you will sometimes have to rely on others to do the work or learn new processes. Like geese, we can’t always be leaders. Sometimes we have to go back and follow. Don’t be afraid to fall behind another strong leader from time to time. You’ll be ready to take the lead when it’s your turn.

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