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Pittsburgh Accounting – How to find the best accounting company in Pittsburgh for a small business

If you are looking for the best accounting company in Pittsburgh for your small business, here are the five final facts about the city and five ways to confidently find the accounting company that best meets your small business needs.

The county of Allegheny, to which Pittsburgh belongs, is by far the largest and most prosperous county. In these seven counties, there are more than 1 000 accounting firms, 40% of which are located in Pittsburgh. More than half of them serve small businesses.

A Litte History

In 2005 and again in 2009. The Economist classified Pittsburgh as one of the most profitable cities in the United States. In 2007, Pittsburgh took first place in the Places Rated Almanac ranking. In 2010 both Forbes Magazine and Yahoo! took Pittsburgh to the top of the list. Business Magazine rated Pittsburgh as one of the best for entrepreneurs.

Pittsburgh – the city of bridges. Pittsburgh is the world record-breaking bridge with 446 bridges contained entirely within the city limits. These bridges cross the Allegheny River from the northeast and Monongahela River from the southeast, forming the Ohio River and the city center known as the Golden Triangle.\ They connect the city with the surrounding four areas, namely the northern side/Northern hills, southern side/south hills, an eastern and western end. Four inter-state (I-376, I-79, I-279, and I-579), known as Parkway East, Parkway West, Parkway North and Crosstown and two main expressways (Route 28 and Route 22) connect 237 municipalities and 202 towns with each other and with Downtown Pittsburgh.

Most of the larger accounting firms serving the largest corporations in Pittsburgh are located in Downtown Pittsburgh. However, virtually all accounting firms serving the ever-growing population of small businesses in the city are located in areas in the north, south, east and west of the city. These companies serve small businesses in Pittsburgh and Allegheny and offer their services to the other six districts that make up the Wielkopolska Region of Pittsburgh. Small accounting firms in these areas have deep links to the community, people and companies living there.

Transformation of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh — The city has been transformed. Thirty years ago, Pittsburgh was a dirty smoky steel town known as Steel City because of its superiority as a powerful steel production center. When the industry collapsed and Pittsburgh lost its manufacturing base, manual workers and corporate giants such as Westinghouse, Gulf Oil, Koppers, and Rockwell International, the city faced its first economic crisis in over a century. However, thanks to this, the city transformed into a flourishing metropolis of white collars like no one else in the country and twenty years later it became a thriving metropolis of white collars.

Today, Pittsburgh is still a steel city. The headquarters of US Steel, the 10th largest steel company in the world, is located there. Allegheny Technologies, a world-class steel producer, has eight production facilities in the region. The city still employs 7,000 steelworkers and another 12,000 in the primary metal sector. Although the area has lost 100,000 jobs in the manufacturing industry in the last 30 years, the sector is still one of the biggest economic players in the region. This has changed as to how diverse this sector is today. State-of-the-art companies in the natural sciences, robotics, information technology, and research have joined eight Fortune 500 companies. Healthcare, education, research, financial services, and entertainment/tourism are emerging industries that are a source of income and employment in the region.

Power of Accounting

One of the fastest growing areas supporting the transformation of the city into a white collar economy is an accounting. This is especially true because the city is still moving away from industry to services and technology. Many start-ups in all sectors of the local economy are small businesses. Although there are already more than 400 accounting firms in Pittsburgh and Allegheny alone, this number is rising rapidly as you move to the other seven counties around the city.

Pittsburgh — A city of growth. The local economy reflects the economy of a country that is still struggling with a recession. However, the region is doing better than most places in the country and is prepared for significant growth in 2011. Economists from the city’s largest financial institutions predict that 13,000 new jobs will be created in Greater Pittsburgh this year.

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